Vocal is a boutique creative firm that focuses on three pillars: Brand Consulting, Brand Strategy and Brand Implementation. 

By boutique, I mean it’s one person with a lot of caffeine and an awesome network, getting more done before lunch than most people get done all week. I started Vocal in 2014 after an invigorating departure from corporate life. Starting from the top down, I focuses on delivering creative that provides meaningful connection with your audience. Everything is a vehicle for your story, and I can do it all: Branding, Consulting, Retail Environments, CPG Packaging, Brand Campaigns, Signage and Wayfinding, Visual Storytelling and Brand Strategy Development. We like to create from the ground floor, or authentically amplify your most important asset: your brand. And you can trust us (me especially).


About Kelsey.

Kelsey was once described by a corporate personal-effectiveness test as being an influential and articulate
individual who has tremendous capacity to lead; Someone who is not afraid to rock the boat, or even tip it, if the urge hits her.
Her combination of passion, leadership abilities and branding experience position her uniquely as a creative consultant.
Let her bring the energy, galvanize your team and make an impact on your brand. She’s a great talker, and she gets shit done.

Open Positions

Design Intern

Jump in on projects a few hours a week. Listen to me talk a lot. I’ll pay you hourly (for the work, not the listening).



  • I would love it if you could draw

  • Solid communication skills are a must


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